One of the first games I played with my son, is "who does he look like?" :D everyone plays this game with babies, because it's just a lot of fun! I've noticed my baby has a widow's peak, like mine, and a TON of cow licks, like my hair, and he has my husband's eyes and my facial expressions. He couldn't possibly be more handsome! As I looked at all those cow licks on his head, I thought to myself, "Oh no, I have passed on something truly terrible. I am so sorry." Because I haven't enjoyed MY cow licks. They complicate hair-styling and encourage bed head and bad hair days! Then I stopped, and I looked at him again. Those cow licks were absolutely adorable on him! They're a part of him, they match him, and I was so happy that he had them! It dawned on me, what makes it different than myself? I look on my son with love, so much love! And when I look at myself, I see what can be improved. Why don't I look at my cow licks and think, "They're part of me, they match me, and I am so grateful to have them!"? Sure, I live with them, but why don't I love them?

My disgust for my own hair impaired me from loving my son's at first. It didn't stop me, but I had to let go of the feeling of dislike for my cow licks before I allowed myself to see the beauty of my baby's cow licks. 

My thoughts on this? When I love myself, I love others better. The Savior said, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." If everyone applied that in this day and age, there would be NO love. Everyone would walk around saying stuff like "Your nose is too big." Your hair is totally out of place." "You can't do anything right." Would you say that to a friend? A loved one? A random stranger on the street? NO! So go do yourself a favor. Next time you look in the mirror and see that your hair is totally where it shouldn't be, thank your hair for having a spirit of adventure, and be happy! Love yourself! Tell that inner critic to take a hike, and never come back! Remember that you are a child of God, and that He sees you the way I see my son, an amazing being of light and beauty!

I was thinking about this, because today I had a bad hair day, and I was spiraling into all these negative thoughts, one spawned another, and I had to stop it. :D hahaha so I did! Instead, I thought, AND I JOLLY WELL LOVE HAVING HAIR!!! In fact, I'm going to quit messing with it. I will let my hair do what it would like!  And here I am blogging about it. Some days are easier than other days to love yourself, but don't give up! You are lovable every day! 


General Conference, part 1

Every 6 months, the world has the opportunity to tune in and listen to living Prophets and Apostles!  Yes, just like in the days of old, they live today. And every 6 months, they speak to us in words that teach and testify of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And there is nothing better than having the opportunity to listen to them and heed their council!


Elder Holland
Of course, his talk was one of my favorites! Stand for truth, stand for right. His talk was so amazing, I have a hard time paraphrasing it! What did it mean to me? Jesus Christ, our Master, has asked us to follow Him. It may not be popular, it may not be the latest style, it may seem old-fashioned, but be ready. Be prepared. Follow Him, with all the Christ-like love you can muster.

Sister Linda Reeves
What a kind and touching talk. She addressed the serious issue of Pornography, instructing us to not touch it, and what parents and teachers can do to support someone who is trying to repent, and turn away from it. She approached her topic with a sensitivity that really spoke to me.
We have been continually warned by our church leaders against the plague of pornography. I suppose some might argue that "it doesn't hurt anyone, so why should they care?" I'll tell you why!
I also saw Spirited Away this weekend! Fantastic movie - Kinda trippy. Near the beginning of the movie, the main character's parents somehow turn into Pigs, because they found food and ate like pigs, with no self-control. Don't ask me how this works, I just know it was an appropriate change for them. Pornography destroys self-control. Society at large is benefited by people who behave like people. Therefore, we should not be pigs.  Don't touch anything or even tamper with something that destroys your self-control, or gives away your ability to choose to another person, object, or habit.

Catching up!

Friends, family, and noblemen! Lend me your ear! Actually, never mind. I don't want them, I already have two! And we added two more to the family last Summer! 
Isn't he so cute? Indeed, yes he is! :D 
I found a fantastic app which allows me to post from my iPod!!! So exciting! It's nice, because I don't spend a lot of free time sitting at a computer anymore... Haha! But it's been a blast and a pretty steep learning curve adding this little guy to the family! 
You'll now see me or my husband or both of us leaving the house with what feels like all of our worldly possessions in the diaper backpack, a carseat on one arm, and possibly the stroller being rolled out to the car.  Indeed, parenthood is not for the faint of heart... Or weak of limb. Thankfully, babies don't start out as teenagers. That means I get to learn a piece at a time too! So awesome that Heavenly Father knows what he's doing! :D



A break from the long silence!  HURRAY!

Too much to catch up on, if I try, I won't blog.  Suffice to say, I'm a happy camper, and totally thrilled with life!

Most recent holiday being Valentine's day, I loved being able to celebrate it with my cute and adorable husband!  We made each other dinner and ate it after decorating and cleaning our apartment!  It's amazing how festive a clean apartment is! :D haha

And the one before that was Christmas!  We had our own, then went with my family around Christmas Eve morning, then his family Christmas morning, and Grandparents that afternoon, juggling is an adventure by itself!

Thanksgiving we went snowboarding at a place... with snow... I forget the name.  But it was fun!  I must say, I can fall down a mountain with great grace.  Or at least, a bounce all my own.  XD  Like Pinball!

AND NOW we prepare for... ST PATTY'S DAY!!!  TDH (Tall Dark and Handsome will be my husband's name on here 'till I think of a better one) came with us last year, so it's going to be awesome to have him join us again!

Now, WHAT am I doing up at this hour of the morning?
TRANSITION TIME FOR SCENTSY.  THAT MEANS I WAKE UP AND COME TO WORK AT 1AM.  Good times... No worries, I'll go home and sleep eventually.

Happy March 1st to all, and to all, a GOOD NIGHT.



So I'm getting married in 28 days to the most wonderful man in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
XD XD XD XD <3 <3 <3 <3  XD XD XD XD <3 <3 <3 <3
And the garden is coming along nicely!
And I altered some clothes!
And I finished IDIcommunity!
And I'm still working on it!
And I got a job working in the IS department at Scentsy!



Breathe in...

WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So I got it working!  I mean the View... heh never mind.
Let me try that again:
Views are part of Drupal.  They make everything easier. For instance, say there are a bunch of links I want to post.  A non-drupal website would state that first you make the page with HTML (which means you copy/paste everything to make sure it looks the same, which is just fine for normal websites that only have a few you need to do) and THEN you make the page. After the page has been made, you snag the link and make a new page where you paste all the links there, and when you add a new one, you have to go through and update the whole page.
It reminds me of the Pronoun song from Grammer rock: "'Cuz pasting all those links over and over can really wear you down..." ;)  hahaha
SO I could've gone with that, and it would've been fine, but it would've used a lot of time that I could've used for more important things.
So I tried to learn how to do a View.  And I don't know how it happened, but with the help of taxonomy terms and a view and a menu link, I have the list of links that will show to the roles that they need to show to!
So it'll basically update itself when I add new pages that have to do with it!!  YAAAAAAY!!!

Hey, it's gorgeous outside, and it's been a SUPER DUPER FANTASTIC DAY!!!  I love LOVE LOVE Conference!!!!!  :D <3


It's still March!

ST PATTY'S DAY ROCKED SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVED being with family and friends and students and people of awesomeness!!!  And I'm pretty sure I decimated most of the cookies we packed along with us... hehehehe (One of the things I love about Irish Dance, we can eat lots of cookies without guilt.  I don't know why that is, I just declare it to be so!)
The nice thing this year is that I felt like I could probably go longer, except for my feet which hurt like CRAZY!  But ignoring the feet, I could've done a lot more I think.  Course, ignoring the feet wouldn't have gotten myself that far...  :D  But yeah, St Patty's Day could've been just a little longer... I don't know about Friday tho.  We had one performance on Friday, and it went really well, mentally we were all toast, but physically, once we got our shoes tied and started dancing, it was really fun!
Oh, and someday I need to blog about the Weiser Museum... because that place is epic.  That place DEFINES epic.  And it's cool too.  :D So I'll get on that eventually!

I was just out prepping the raised beds so we can start in on the GARDEN!!!  Spinach is going to be planted in one, and the other I got ready because I was out there anyways.  I also cleaned out the spaces around the strawberries, and they seem to be all ready to spring up and be happy!  YAY!!!!!!

The IDI Community site is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!!  I figured out permissions FINALLY and that... was AWESOME!!!!!  XD  And you know what's really funny?  After all this time learning Drupal 6, I was all ready to get in and GO with Drupal 6.  I had this little thought, "Well hey, isn't Drupal 7 almost out?" and then I thought "Yeeeeah...  huh.  I wonder what would be better, the newest one, or the one I just learned?" So I puzzled about that for a bit, then I decided that it would probably be better to stick with Drupal 6.  And then I decided it didn't matter since I probably wouldn't have a choice in the matter... :D  So I went to download it to the web server (a trippy experience, I hadn't done that before) and LO AND BEHOLD!  There was Drupal 7!  AVAILABLE!  FOR PEOPLE TO DOWNLOAD!!!  So I downloaded it anyways.  I'm a sucker for new technology, and it only made sense since Drupal 7 would be the norm anyway.  Why upgrade later when I could start it upgraded?
And now I must get steps on Vimeo so I can actually have some video content to play with!  And I have to figure out Views... which I'm a little scared of.  I got it working tho, which was another thing I was scared of, so I should just jump in and do it. But now it's time for dance.  Until next time!